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About Us

Bolling's Meat Market and Deli opened in October 2010 by Cara (Bolling) Thomas, and Mitch and Sharon Bolling.

The business was originally called Bolling's Meat Market. The Bolling's have been in the meat business for 4 generations, and it all started about 75 years ago. Mitch's grandfather, Ted Bolling, was a butcher. He butchered for numerous farmers and locker owners. He and his wife, Carolyn, had 2 children. The boy, "Chub", learned how to butcher alongside his father. When Chub was a teenager, Ted suffered a horrible farming accident that cost him an arm. He could no longer butcher with only 1 arm, so Chub took over the family business. During this time Chub married Helen Clark. Chub and Helen made their home in Bronson, Kansas. Chub continued butchering and eventually purchased the Bronson Locker. They had 3 children together, Mike, Mitch, and Amber who all grew up cutting meat and learning the trade. When they became adults, Mike and Mitch went into the family business and together with their parents, purchased more locker locations in southeast Kansas including the Moran Locker. Mitch married Sharon Rodke who also joined the business.